Makeba Griffin

Makeba Griffin, born and raised in both city and suburban areas of Delaware has always had a passion for not only Styling hair but also dreamt of becoming a salon owner.

From a very young age, she styled hair doll babies and talked to them as if they were clients. As she grew into her very early teenage years she styled family and friends hair in her mother’s kitchen! She later applied to Howard High School of Technology where she applied for cosmetology and got accepted.

Through her schooling, she assisted some of the best salons in the city of Wilmington. Shortly after graduating she completed her state boards and became licensed! Supper eager to open a salon she knew she had to get a consistent clientele base. She freelanced for over 10years by building relationships and loyal clients. She now was ready to open; Makeba Griffin CEO Of Dynasty Styling Studios which is scheduled to open their doors March 7, 2013.

Makeba still attends educational business, marketing, and networking classes to better perform as she still pursues to make a mark in the industry as a Beauty Advisor. As she still works on the full woman inside and out…Transforming Lives One Head At A Time!

Our Mission

Dynasty Styling Studios is a full-service salon that endeavors are to become a premier salon with industry leaders, providing hair, beauty, health and fitness products and services that promote the transformation of client’s image.

All Virgin Brazilian Extensions and Closures come in a natural color and be customized to whatever color you desire.


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